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creating opportunity, and personal transformation.
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An Innovative & Scientific Hybrid Approach to Personal Transformation


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If it’s a life worth living, it’s worth recording.

– Tony Robbins


How have books that made you feel good and gave you a bit of momentum

worked out for you? Have you transformed your life? Is your life one to write

about or did it fizzle?


What if you had a friend that taught you how to create your own context based

on ideas from anthropology, psychology, philosophy, and metaphysics that

helped you create change? One that taught you about mindset that lead to actual 

action because you understood your motivation and the disconnect. One that

taught you language to create space for what you want to see, rather than

the idea of it?


Live a life of transformation you’re proud to record.


Build your legacy. Build your best self.



M E E T   N A T A L I E

founder of  B O H E M I A N    S C I E N C E


Natalie Glynn is the author of The Bohemian Science of Too: Potential & Perspective Relativity. She is also a philosopher, intuitive, INFJ, strategist, and loving mother and wife.

It’s not easy being the first generation born in the United States, especially when you don’t have your extended family support system on the same continent. You learn lessons in resiliency, self-sufficiency, and discipline early on.

For almost two decades, Natalie analyzed self-efficacy and the strategies of change in relation to self-help (quality of life and greatness), metaphysics, psychology, anthropology, immigration and cultural integration.

Bohemian Science™, as it came to be known, is an ideology centered around creating “organic growth” methodologies that improve the quality of life for all. In weaving this low resistance approach, Natalie. transformed the physical, financial, social, spiritual, and professional areas of her life, and wants the same for you.